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Blue ID

Blue ID

Blue ID

Smart and Useful

Convenience has never been so smart and powerful. With Blue ID, the handiness of a smart device is united with the power of RFID to produce the first asset inspection solution that combines RFID-enabled iPads with an innovative, web-based platform for reporting and analytics.

Untethered from the Network

Break free from network availability issues with Blue ID’s iOS application. Work with asset inspection data locally on the iPad, and then sync (automatically or manually) the data with the Blue ID web platform when a WiFi or 3G/LTE network is available.

Simplified Healthcare Audit Compliance

Blue ID’s web platform excels in keeping inspection data in sync among multiple iPads while also providing viewing, reporting, and analytics functionality. Compliance with healthcare audit and inspection mandates could not be easier.

Blue ID:

• Low cost solution – Achieve an excellent ROI with Blue ID’s minimal hardware requirements and straightforward integration into existing systems
• Tracks asset movement history – Attain valuable insight into the movement history of assets.
• Designed for healthcare asset management – Standardize, organize and simplify the inspection process, as well as the overall management of assets within the facility.