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Intelligent RFID Networking

Transform your facility’s collection of autonomous readers into a dynamic RFID data platform of unparalleled accuracy with Blue TAP – the industry’s first intelligent RFID networking solution to combine real-time, adaptive control of Passive RFID readers, location-aware tag data processing, and standards-based data services for the applications that use Passive RFID data.
With Blue TAP, deployments of scalable and network-centric RFID technology can be:
• Implemented in production environments
• Easily replicated at similar sites within the same organization.

Unique Flexibility

Enjoy the advantages of flexibility and choice that Blue TAP brings to the world of RFID asset tracking.
Blue TAP can be implemented either as:
• A complete, device-based solution, utilizing both the Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP) device and the intelligent RFID middleware
• A software-based virtual machine that seamlessly integrates into an existing ERP system (Blue TAP VM).

Complete Asset Visibility

Go hybrid for the best of both worlds: Blue TAP’s API can be integrated with an enterprise-wide visibility platform that combines Active with Passive technologies. This hybrid approach provides complete asset visibility in:
• Healthcare
• IT asset tracking
• Products & Source tracking