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Sharepoint Consulting

Sharepoint Consulting

Any tool worth having is worth learning to use right. Get the most out of SharePoint with customization.

If your workplace is anything like those of most companies we know, SharePoint implementation, if it has occurred at all, has consisted so far of installing the software and telling employees to use it. Maybe there are a few folders set up, but nothing else has been done.

And because of this, the general consensus may be that SharePoint is hard to use or does not meet business needs. You may not realize it, but your company is missing out on a great business tool that can be leveraged to increase productivity and collaboration. If you don’t have the expertise in-house to make this happen, don’t worry!

RITBAIR’s consultants can work with you and your team to assess what the ideal scenario would be by conducting a SharePoint Audit and then implement a custom solution to fit your needs. The main goal of our SharePoint consulting services is to create a situation where users spend as little time as possible finding the information they need and as much time as possible making impactful decisions with the information we’ve surfaced for them.

RITBAIR has implemented many instances of SharePoint, from migrations and upgrades to web parts and Business Intelligence, and are therefore able to bring best practices to every one of our engagements. Different clients require a diverse range of capabilities, from Enterprise Content Management with FAST search for visibility to tracking of Key Performance Indicators with automated reporting and notifications based on architected workflows.
Our consultants can help businesses…


  • Prepare for SharePoint implementation
  • Create an appropriate information architecture
  • Use SharePoint as a hub and spoke model for systems integration
  • Create custom portals and dashboards to drive productivity
  • Develop Business Intelligence solutions that enable decision making on the fly









    And with industry-specific training, we know where a SharePoint solution might match common problems, like departmental data silos that cause companies to operate on outdated information. Engage our team of consultants and we’ll guide you to the SharePoint solution that’s right for your business.

    SharePoint 2013 is a product offering a lot right out of the box, but it offers a whole lot more when you couple it with some custom Web Parts and advanced configuration. And let’s face it…You deserve the solution that works for you. So if you really want to unleash the power of SharePoint for your business, talk to one of our consultants and find out how we can customize SharePoint for you!