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Sharepoint Solution

Sharepoint Solution

We believe that any tool worth having is worth using well. To this end, we’ve devised a SharePoint audit that gives you an unbiased perspective on your SharePoint Solution.


SharePoint Audit
A “scorecard” calculates a percentage score ranging from completely unusable (0%) to extremely high quality deployment and integration (100%). The scorecard is presented in two sections: a technical scoring and a business scoring. The scorings are two ways of looking at the same results and each is targeted at a different audience (technical and business).

Technical Scoring Parameters:

Deployment Configuration - Database Configuration - Information Architecture - Governance - Security - Development/Customization - Support - Administration - Back Up & Recovery - Third Party Software - Auditing - Performance and Monitoring - Event Logs - Cache - Load speeds


Business Scoring Parameters

Quality - Scalability - Security - Usability - Maintainability - System Integration


As consultants, we strive to be objective, and in doing so apply the same scoring methodology to all SharePoint applications without respect to the individual cost-benefit trade-offs that may or may not apply in specific cases. Our Microsoft-certified SharePoint engineers are versed in SharePoint and the peripheral technologies that make it run: Microsoft SQL Server, custom workflow engines, and highly-integrated custom applications, just to name a few.

We have perfected a rigorous scoring methodology, and not only give clients the score itself, but help them understand the details behind the scoring. This way we can help clients understand the significance of our findings in relation to their business objectives.